How To Join

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If you live in the area surrounding the Lake of Egypt
you have many advantages by being a member of LEAPO.

Our membership receives discounts from several supporting Sponsor Merchants in the area.  We offer discounted trash service from Bulldog Services, Inc. Through LEAPO you have the opportunity to serve and improve the community.  

We encourage membership with LEAPO as your representation to the surrounding community. This organization gathers representatives from many subdivision for a monthly meeting. We provide a link of communication between subdivisions and to the counties and SIPC communities.

Many subdivisions have home owner or subdivision organizations which maintain the covenants and restrictions for the subdivision. They may have provided many services or improvements for your subdivision: street lights, roads, beaches, picnic areas, parks, clean up, etc.

The home owners or subdivision groups may charge a fee to belong to their association and in some cases the covenants require membership. Many times new owners are confused by multiple dues collecting associations. Your local subdivision will contact you regarding your local services and costs. If you have not been contacted, please call the LEAPO number and we will try to assist you.

Please read about the history of this group. They have been a major player in providing a wonderful place for your home.

History of the LEAPO organization.

LEAPO came into existence in 1969 by Lake of Egypt property owners as an organization for the mutual benefit of all property owners. That goal has not changed in the many years of the organization.

It was formed by concerned citizens who helped establish the public water system, the Lake Egypt Fire Protection District , improvement of roads, sanitary controls, regulations for the lake and many other community concerns.

LEAPO has saved an estimated $500,000 (+/-) for the participating lake residents with the trash service.

Savings with LEAPO membership have saved additional dollars in discounts at local merchants. These items have repaid members for their membership fee.

LEAPO has representatives in communication with local government, service agencies, businesses and merchants and the Southern Illinois Power Co-op.

The organization has assisted with: 

  • 911 implementation
  • Information forums
  • Honoring our fire and emergency staff and volunteers
  • Lake waterfront identification system
  • Electronic recycling program
  • Safety programs in the community
  • AARP sponsored driving class
  • Community gatherings
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Support directional signage around the lake

We eagerly invite your membership. You and your ideas can nurture a strong, viable association for the betterment of the community you have chosen for your home.


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